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HOT TIP! Innersense for Swavy/ Wavy heat damaged hair

I have a special place in my heart for my Swavy/Wavy guests. Jessica found Kelly Elaine Inc. because she is choosing to detox her life and found us through the Innersense Organics beauty salon finder. She wasn’t sure she had enough curls to make a Custom Curl...

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Innersense Organics and Curly Hair Artistry Collaboration

As some of you know that follow the curly world you know that since October of 2013 Curly Hair Artistry has been having biannual Symposiums. As one of the original core members of CHA (as we affectionately call our group) it was my pleasure to hold the first official...

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Olaplex for Curls!

I taught at the Curly Hair Artistry fall 2015 Symposium. I taught about the benefits of Olaplex for curly hair to my fellow professional stylists! I am now going to tell you a bit about Olaplex and share with you some of the benefits I have found after using Olaplex...

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Tara and Kelly talk growing hair length and product fusion

Meet my client, Tara. She is one of the earliest Curly Girl clients I worked on after I received training. Tara is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and actually worked for Kelly Elaine Inc. for a period of time and has become like family. As you know, family...

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Curls In Bloom Curl Clinic

Tuesday July, 15,2014 we had another Curl Clinic for our curlies. Lessons were taught, demo’s were done, fun was had. A thing that I have started and will continue to do at curl clinics is for people to go through their routine set- by minuscule step. This is always a...

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